We are Supper.

Our thinking

We are a flexible, independent society. A new hybrid of consulting firm, innovation lab and communications agency.


We are five founders with a unique combination of capabilities (strategy, Human Centered Design, digital, design, communication and content production). We believe that our model is both the most complete and the most agile for responding to the complexity of your new challenges.

We dislike closed offices
and silos

Our culture

We prefer to meet around a table. We believe in small, multidisciplinary teams, composed of strategists, designers, storytellers and technologists. We don’t work for our clients. We work with them. We’re activists for a culture of openness, of sharing, of exchanges and of collective intelligence. Co-creation workshops and ateliers are at the heart of our methods.


Our compensation model also integrates our dedication to partnership: we are committed to being rewarded according to the value and the performance generated by the solutions we create.

The founders

Pierre Désangles

CEO Founding partner

Strategy and change management

Damien Frossard
Founding partner

Responsible for design and ideation

Florence Garçon

Founding partner

In charge of strategy and innovation

Stéphane Jacquin

Founding partner

Laurent Laboutière

Founding partner

Content & Activation

Our team

Mathilde Balsan

Editorial Producer

Virginie Bernard

Business Designer

Jules Bricout

Editorial Project Manager

Claire Caudron

Strategic Planner

Benjamin Couteau

Human Centered Design Project Manager

Marianne Diaz-Ortiz

Strategic Planner

Henri Galine

Visual Designer

Alexis Hadjadje

Technical Project Manager

Samuel Lemercier

Design Director 

Nina Leroy

Project Manager

Jason Madelénat

Motion Designer

Jolan Monnier

Visual Designer

Sébastien Munier

Managing Partner Supper Lab

Céleste Perrotte

Brand Experience Manager

Parimal Satyal

User Experience Consultant

Lucrèce aka Lulu

Happiness Manager

The founders

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