Damien Frossard

Damien Frossard

 Founding Partner Responsible for design and ideation



“How wonderful it was when creation was a temple which clients were not allowed to enter. Everything was so simple then: we dreamt up marvellous campaigns in our little corner, built on amazing inspiration. And we won awards, which boosted our egos and made our shareholders proud.
And then one day, we said to ourselves that all that was in fact a bit pointless.
So we turned to ethnologists so as to start afresh on a sound basis. And at last we turned our attention to what consumers really needed. We told ourselves that being really useful to them would be more effective. And so we started to create with our clients. We discovered in the course of ideation meetings that in fact our clients had their own ideas. In short: we opened the doors and windows, and burst open silos. It feels good letting in some fresh air.”



CEO responsible for Creation and Strategy

Isobar France

Deputy CEO responsible for Creation


Creative Director

Mc Cann Momentum




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Awards & baubles


The Strategy Grand Prix of Brand Content, Digital Marketing, Sports Marketing, 2 Effie awards for “Digital DC of the year” (CB News), 1 DA Club award, an avalanche of Crystals, 4 times shortlisted for Cannes Lions + Epica, 2nd place in the Voironnais legends design competition in 1983.


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(Big) spaces and my (little) daughter.