Laurent Laboutière

Laurent Laboutière

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“I need to face the facts: my professional life could be summed up as finding answers to the same two questions. Yes, the same two. Every time … Not very exciting? To the contrary!


Firstly, because the answers are always different. But above all because after raising these questions for years in editorial meetings, in format development or in programming committees – among content professionals – we are now looking at them in workshops and editorial training, with our clients and sometimes with theirs too.


And here the answers turn out to be richer, more varied, fresher and more innovative.


So what are the questions?


Quite simply: what does our audience want (or need) to hear and how do we incorporate it in the story we want (or need) to tell? In other words, how to be useful to our audience by feeding its centres of interest and placing our expertise at its service … or how to servicealise our offer through content?”





Digital Content Director


Entertainment Content Manager


Publishing Director

Textuel/La Mine




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And that’s not all


Course Manager at the Sorbonne (UFR Arts and Media)


Awards & baubles


Brand Content Grands Prix: Surfcamp (Sunny Delight), Bleus (Adidas), Petits cadeaux entre amis (Priceminister)

You Tube channels: Le Woop, Frenchball, Unicon, Legends of Gaming

Spin of TV: Qui est la taupe ? (Social media award), Secret Story, Money Drop, Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


In love with 


Music, football, barbecues and Basset Artesien Normands.


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