Experience design and activation


Yesterday’s rhetoric has lost its appeal. Relentlessly solicited and exceptionally mature, today’s consumers now expect concrete actions from their brands. They require more than mere words in order to be attracted and retained. “No proof, no love.” Brands must reinvent and differentiate themselves by creating new services. They must make themselves useful, by offering value-added services and relevant content.


They must enter into a permanent innovation process to design solutions that strengthen & leverage the relationship with their audiences.

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Co-creation & partnership

Co-creation is
our watchword

We don’t work for our clients, but with them.

And this co-creation is also the approach with our network of strategic partners. We are evolving in the heart of an eco-system of experts who we select and integrate flexibly in the light of the needs of our projects: Opinion Way, Big Boss, Sedona, Bizness, The Data Strategy, Captain Dash…


Business Anthropology

At the heart of our human-centered design approach, we have formed an international pool of business anthropologists and ethnologists. Present in all five continents, they practice open observation and immersion to identify sources of frustration and latest non-resolved needs in the lives of users and consumers. These insights serve as the springboard for co-designing the most relevant experiences, services and content.


Consulting & Strategy

Strategy and innovation are the keys to competitive advantage.


We intervene with you upstream to rethink the strategy which will enable you to differentiate yourselves in the digital era.


Marketing, brands, services and innovation strategies: we work with you to redefine your company’s priorities and challenges to formalize a clear strategic direction before implementation..


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Service & Experience design

Nothing is created, everything is observed.


We design innovative services and experiences for users to meet needs identified during the immersion and behavioral understanding phase.


These services and experiences are naturally integrated into the customer ecosystem and journey, whether it be off or online, bringing true utility to users.


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Operational activation

Whether autonomously or in collaboration with companies pre-selected by our clients, we support the implementation of services, experiences and content which we design. Whether internal or external, digital (e-commerce, crm, social) or real-life, acquisition (lead generation) or customer relations (loyalty, life time value…), in media or at point of sale … we support our clients in the activation of solutions, measurement of results, management of optimisation and sustained roll-out.


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Train and acculturate

Our clients encourage us to structure and equip ourselves to continuously better assist them in developing their mindset and their skills after the pilot projects which we run for them. Because User Centricity culture and innovation processes cannot be improvised, we increasingly roll out bespoke training and acculturation programmes in partnership with our clients’ HRD in order to accelerate the effects of their transformation strategies.


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