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A content WILL NEVER BE AN ad.
And vice versa. A content needs to make a service useful and relevant, if not exciting, to be (really) read and shared. And thus, to feed your image.
This is why all our content is designed from insights carefully collected by our ethnologistis, or generated by nethnography. They can then avoid excessively high media budgets to effectively irrigate your digital eco-system (e-commerce, CRM, social…).


Your content cannot always be heroic.
But it must be smart. It needs to meet specific requirements in terms of flexibility and cost. Thanks to our network of multi-disciplinary talents (audiovisual, editorial, iconography, dataviz, etc.), we are able to put together, for each project, a bespoke, constant and brand-immersed team.


Your content is difficult to contain
Silos, local initiatives, emergencies … Everything seems to be designed to make consistency in your editorial policy more complicated. We are used to this. Our reactivity and the creation of clear and very practical tools (charters, training etc.) can best help you in your mission.


There is life after content
So make the most of it. Between each production cycle, we study the data generated at diffusion (engagement, completion etc.) to optimise future investment.

Laurent Laboutière

Founding partner Content & Activation

Supper Lab

Designed as an innovation accelerator for businesses, Supper Lab works to put the technical, methodological and economic conditions in place to prototype, test and ensure the viability of services and experiences arising from Design Thinking methodologies.


The design of these services and experiences means working differently with a new, very open culture, centred on “doing”, co-creation with users and permanent feedback of experience.

Sébastien Munier

Managing Partner Supper Lab

Supper Data

Supper Data a pour vocation d’aider nos clients à nourrir les démarches d’innovation et de design grâce à une compréhension plus approfondie et mesurée des consommateurs, provenant de données structurées et non structurées. Nous traitons et analysons les conversations et expériences entre les consommateurs, les produits, les services et les marques.


Nous sommes spécialisés dans le Natural Language Processing, l’intelligence artificielle et le big data. Cette approche « smart data science » nous permet de révéler un grand nombre d’insights consommateurs pour identifier des opportunités de croissance, inspirer le processus de design, activer et mesurer les initiatives marketings et digitales.


Arnaud Dutilh

Senior Consultant Supper

The founders

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