3 years with real people

3 years

3 years designing experiences and services, of innovation, of little joys and big surprises.


From Montrouge to Tokyo, from Montauban to Sao-Paulo, we have had the pleasure of meeting, listening to and observing hundreds of women and men. People, real people, whose thoughts and observations have nourished our inspiration and informed our solutions.


Click on each character to uncover inspiring insights gathered from the field these last three years.


Illustration : Adrien Herda.

July 2016

Agathe, first-time buyer, Boulogne

« We invested all our money in an off-plan apartment. As in, that didn’t exist. In 30 minutes. It’s crazy. »

July 2016

Cécile, on holidays, Normandy

« This is our ‘first times’ place. The first time we all went cycling together, saw deer first thing in the morning, first time Valentin drank from a cup… »

June 2018

Hélène, on holidays at last, at the airport

« It’s a lovely app, sure, but right now, what I want to know is whether I ought to change Téo before or after we go through customs… »

January 2019

Jim, not quite weaned, Paris

« What I miss most about smoking is the smoke breaks. »

October 2017

Laurence, space-conscious mom, Toulouse

« My problem, when I go to the supermarket, is the boot of my Clio. I can’t fit everything. So instead, I buy the nappies from the corner shop, once I get home. »

December 2018

Bernard, recently retired, Clermont-Ferrand

« My dream, really, would be to be able to work during my holiday. Ehm, I mean, to be useful somehow, you know? »

September 2016

Anne, e-commerce addict, Montrouge

« My bedroom is my new fitting room. I don’t have to put up with sideways looks from the sales staff. »

February 2019

Marie, hair-dresser, Marseille

« Nah, but young people nowadays don’t want to work. That’s youth for you. Don’t want to apply themselves. »

April 2018

Marie, connected senior, Thorigny-sur-Marne

« Delivery is convenient, true. But I don’t really like it. I like to see the aisles, to touch the products. Actually, what I’d need is for them to just go ahead and deliver the shop. »

February 2018

Lisa, textile-lover, Nogent-sur-Marne

« I’m an absolute fan of this brand. Sometimes I even buy the window dressing. »

January 2017

Mark, fatalist, Berlin

« Delivery guys always call when you’re busy, like in the shower or something. It’s like they have some kind of sixth sense. »

November 2018

Laura et Bruno, on-the-bench parents, Grenoble

« Since we became parents, it’s hard to find time to exercise. As soon as he falls asleep, we do speed fitness sessions in the living room. »

January 2017

Garance, connected teen, Paris

« If there’s no 4G, I won’t go to the concert. What would I share? »

March 2017

Benjiro, engineer, Tokyo

« The cases from the rings are very important. We truly treasure them. We keep them in our entrance hall, in the shrine dedicated to our wedding. »

February 2019

Ludovic, pharmacist, Nilvange

« My clients want natural products. I’ll end up selling bags of vegetables. »

February 2017

Paul, anxiety grand-master, Marne-la-Vallée

« I have a dog, but not really a guard dog. If there was a break-in, they could even steal him. Actually, that’s what worries me the most. »

July 2016

Supper Content, first days, Paris

« Supper content, sounds a bit like a satisfied fool, doesn’t it? »

April 2017

Antoine, racing fan, Paris 13

« What would be great, adrenalin-wise, would be to see the race from the jockey’s point of view. As though we were in the saddle ourselves. »

October 2018

Caro, minimalist Millennial, Paris 10

« I have just one frying pan. I use it for everything. Even boiling water for tea. »

November 2018

Beate, retired, Munich

« We look after our grand kids a lot: on holidays, on Wednesdays, sometimes on weekends… My challenge is to come up with fun and interesting things to do together every time. »

February 2018

Julia, Mom, Sao Paulo

« As soon as my son has a pimple I take him to the dermatologist. If he ends up with scars later, he might hold it against me. »

May 2018

Supper Lab, newborn, Paris

« A thing of beauty, is a blowtorch. »

January 2019

Supper team, no fixed abode, Paris

« Luckily, it happened on a Saturday… »

January 2018

Ingrid, caring mother, Brussels

« Skin isn’t just physical, it’s also an affective. When the skin is irritated, I can no longer take my son in my arms. So I’m very very careful. »

October 2017

Supper team, house warmers, rue Sainte Cécile

« Pierre must be feeling emotional. His speech lasted less than an hour. »

November 2018

Solène, bio-compatible, Montauban

« The first time I walked into a bio supermarket, I didn’t dare ask if they had a meat section. I was too scared I’d get told off. »

October 2018

Simone, proud grand-mother, Libourne

« My concern isn’t really this energy or the other. My concern is that the little ones are always warm. »

March 2018

Roxane, market gardener, Dordogne

« A greenhouse is like a person. When you get up in the morning, you don’t know how she slept. You may find she’s fallen ill. »

November 2017

Jean, apple grower, St Just

« In the end I set up bee-hives under my apple trees. Not for honey, but for pollination. It really is time to give nature a hand. »

March 2019

René, winemaker, Aquitaine

« Everyone knows everyone’s business here. We have a real powerful human media we call grapevine radio. »


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oinde concepta rabie saeviore, quam desperatio incendebat et fames, amplificatis viribus ardore incohibili in excidium urbium matris

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