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Our methods

Consulting is fine, but it's even better when ideas turn into concrete, useful and long-lasting innovations. At Supper, we put design at the heart of our work methods. Design thinking helps us resolve complex problems and turn them into opportunities, and through interdisciplinarity establishes a genuine culture of innovation within organisations. By integrating design principles and methodologies, we support companies and brands seeking lasting transformation and innovation to tackle today's and tomorrow's business and societal issues.

by design

  • Systemic Design

    Thinking better, thinking global and thinking system! Systemic Design is a combination of systemic thinking and design thinking. It helps us design and innovate while thinking global to better understand the impact a product, service or new business model will have on the environment, on society and on existing ecosystems. In an increasingly complex and interconnected environment, Systemic Design makes perfect sense because it integrates all the stakeholders, and takes the interdependence between players into account, with a view to designing and rolling out lasting, sustainable solutions.

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  • Design Thinking

    At Supper, Design Thinking isn’t a buzzword! Since our launch, Design Thinking and Human-Centred Design have been central to our work processes. More than just a method, it is a state of mind, a user-centred discipline for designing new and useful solutions that meet users’ needs and thereby create value while addressing addressing business and societal issues, be they B2B or B2C. Our Design Thinking process goes through 6 key stages: immersion, design challenge, ideation, prototyping and experimenting, then roll-out.

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  • Research and insights

    At Supper, insight is in our blood! Thinking up innovative, relevant, useful solutions that transform people’s lives is what we do. We apply on business anthropology techniques to thoroughly understand behaviour patterns and identify latent and unsatisfied needs. To this end our sociologists and anthropologists put in place varied, agile and original research protocols combining conventional and e-ethnography. The insights stemming from these empathetic approaches then serve as springboards for ideation.

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  • Co-creation

    We believe in hybridization and collective intelligence. We develop ideation and joint creation processes with our clients, our clients’ customers or even key stakeholders, in order for our ideas to be thought out and fine-tuned, factoring in the needs and aspirations of the users. Whether it be a short-term approach or a sustainable process for building a creativity dynamic, we think that joint creation facilitates appropriation and maximizes the chances of success.

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  • Prototyping and experimentation

    We experiment and test to accelerate the go-to-market. Prototyping and experimenting are tried-and-tested tools for gathering user feedback, fine-tuning the design of products, services or experiences, and accelerating release to the market. By making our ideas tangible, we learn fast, develop solutions quickly, accelerate implementation or forsake them quickly if they’re not working.

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