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We are an agile and independent design company, a new hybrid model blending consultancy, innovation lab and advertising agency. This model brings together a unique blend of specialties* under the same roof. We believe that it is the most comprehensive and agile model for tackling the complexity of today's issues.

*strategy, systemic design, design thinking, business anthropology, digital, storytelling & content, guidance and support for organisations and change.

Culture and philosophy

  • People before

  • We believe in collective intelligence.
    We prefer small multidisciplinary teams bringing together strategists, designers, storytellers and technologists. We work WITH our clients rather than for them. We militate for a culture of open-mindedness, sharing and dialogue; that is why the human factor and joint construction with our clients, their partners or the customers of our clients is central to our work process.


  • We are called SUPPER because we like to discuss around a dinner table. At the Supperclub, we regularly organize dinners so that our clients can meet one another and share their experiences. Between rewarding discussions and gustatory discoveries, these convivial events are particularly enriching and inspiring. So, welcome to our table!

    Join us!

A little history

  • SUPPER formed
    by 5 founding associates

  • Launch of a Data Science offer with our partner The Data Strategy
    Semantic Analysis of unstructured web data using artificial intelligence

  • NDE: new digital ethnography
    A “white paper” published on all the e-ethnography methods developed by SUPPER & Co-meet

  • Launch of our Systemic Design practice


Key figures

  • 30


  • +75

    ethnographic field surveys since 2016

  • +200

    of our clients' staff trained in Design approaches

Values and commitments

  • SUPPER signed up to the United Nations Global Compact in 2020 and aligns
    its practices and strategy with the ten principles pertaining to human rights, work standards, the environment and the fight against corruption.

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