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you have to.

before products.

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At Supper, we believe in joint construction, blending talents, areas of expertise and points of view, in summary emulation and collective intelligence; that is why we have formed an ecosystem of partners and experts around us that we activate in agile mode according to our projects.

  • Anycommerce is a company specializing in omnichannel retailing that addresses both the issues of digitalization (more particularly in terms of logistics and payment collection) and new practices and customer experiences. With its software suite in SaaS mode and its API platform, Anycommerce develops omnichannel connected retail solutions.

  • Fritsch+Durisotti is a design studio specializing in the design of product, objects, spaces and environments with considerable experience in industrial design. Usage and users are the cornerstones of their approach to work.

  • Human Matters acts on the ability of organizations and staff to act, offering innovative solutions and pathways for making effective, long-lasting and measurable changes in behaviour.

  • Nos Futurs specializes in supporting people with their transformation projects, to enable individuals and organizations to put the best of their cognitive capacities to work for a business plan.

  • Okoni is an innovation agency for those that create an inclusive, sustainable and democratic society around 3 spheres of action: health and social welfare, citizenship and public action and the green transition. Experts in experimenting and having a prototyping workshop, Okoni helps agents of change learn, innovate, transform themselves and take risks in making useful breaks with the past.

  • TDS specializes in data sciences and developing semantic and visual recognition algorithms. Among other things, TDS has developed an unstructured web data analysis platform to identify and quantify mindsets, understand their needs and expectations and identify key insights throughout the online journey.

Supper supports the association of ethical designers – research and action association around responsible and sustainable design.