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Comptoirs de la bio

A bespoke e-commerce platform capitalizing on the existing entrepreneurial offering

Context & challenge

As part of its expansion plans, Comptoirs de la Bio wishes to add a digital channel to its chain of bricks-and-mortar stores. We had to answer the following questions:
What digital ecosystem needs to be established and where to begin?
How to streamline time-to-market?
How to adhere to the brand's DNA?


. Use of personae and definition of the platform's target;
. Joint creation workshops; functional specifications;
. Service-centred and relational strategy"


"Definition of a target ecosystem. Identification of existing technical solutions.
Adaptation of a solution for converting recipes into shopping lists developed by a start-up. Integration (front office) of the corporate website and of the platform.
Design and creation of service-centred content: product information sheets, recipes, suggestions"

Key figures

. Time-to-market: 6 months
. 4,000 products
. 200 recipes online
. Budget met