Change before
you have to.

before products.

Tell it
like it is.

Services and
areas of expertise

Companies and brands must reinvent themselves more than ever to address current and forthcoming issues, be they economic, social or environmental. Rethinking their business models to be sustainable, developing a constant dynamic of innovation to create useful products, services and experiences, defining their reason for being and communicating quite openly with their stakeholders, and lastly, supporting their staff in implementing these new solutions.

Don’t say,

  • Business and strategy

    We get involved upstream to help you lay out your innovation strategy, define new sources of value creation or even to build a new business model.

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  • Designing products, services and experiences

    We design products, services and experiences that are useful in everyday life. From immersion, to ideation, prototyping, experimenting to business analysis and guidance in implementation.

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  • Brand, storytelling and content

    We support companies and brands in defining their reason for being, from storytelling to designing and producing useful and engaging content for their stakeholders: end customers, partners, or even staff.

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  • Organizations and change management

    We support the transformational aspect of solution implemention to encourage buy-in and engagement from your staff.

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  • Operations and activation

    We support you in the operational implementation and roll-out of activation programmes, more particularly for digital ecosystems and CRM.

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