Change before
you have to.

before products.

Tell it
like it is.

Context & challenge

As part of the brand's rebranding, rethink the user experience and the Naturactive.fr brand website to better address the brand's business issues and embody a service-centred brand.


Conduct an ethnographic field survey of consumers of aromatherapy/phytotherapy and pharmacists. Formalization of personae and the consumer journey. Joint construction workshops and UX (user experience) workshops (general and detailed design) UX and wireframes of the brand website. Design of a new brand identity and a new territory. Prototyping the site and usability testing (browsing, identity and content). Front and back-office development of the new brand website.


Overhaul of the Naturactive.fr brand website Design of the PhytoScope: new 100% personalized phyto-aromatherapy diagnosis and guidance service.

Key figures