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Design and activation of a service-centred editorial strategy on “healthy eating”

Context & challenge

Intermarché wishes to bring attention to, understand and promote its Producers and Retailers model, not sufficiently known by consumers, as a difference and source of customer benefits in its commitment to "healthy eating".


In workshops, jointly creating the editorial strategy and a dedicated content factory (coordination of the editorial boards, planning productions and publications, execution and activation).


Creating the online magazine called "Producers and Retailers" and its content (landing pages, videos, special features), coordinating social media, creating content on e-commerce and in-store journeys (POS material, in-store video channels), CRM/Loyalty, creating a short TV programme: i.e. over 200 assets per year.

Key figures

. Over 150 pages produced, from design to production (cold and hot content, brand pages)
. Over 500 assets adapted for COM and CRM (banners + insert in newsletter)
. Over 800 content items for social media in all formats
. Over 100 video loops and POS posters
. Over 200 content items for the mobile app.