Change before
you have to.

before products.

Tell it
like it is.

Context & challenge

"The transition towards a more digital world accelerated by COVID-19 generated a wide range of new online purchasing patterns almost overnight, patterns that in turn generated as many opportunities to create new services and be useful to shoppers."


Roll-out of Human-Centred Design support and guidance involving about twenty innovation ambassadors from 6 European countries. Early in 2021, the first phase consisted in an ethnological field survey to understand changes in shoppers' profiles, difficulties and expectations in Europe.


The white paper entitled "New Commerce. Always More and Even Less" distills the learning experiences from DPD's phase of immersion in the lives of its shoppers. These insights inspire the Group's innovation and business development processes.

Key figures

. 6 countries
. 72 shoppers
. 14 insights
. 20 innovation ambassadors