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Pierre Fabre

Design Green Impact Index. First measured CSR score of pharmaceutical and skin care products

Context & challenge

More and more patients and consumers expect objective information on the sustainable production quality of their medicinal products and cosmetics.


Human-Centred Design method mobilizing an in-house multidisciplinary team around the sustainable development department of the Pierre Fabre Group, Green Mission. Study of the expectations and behaviour of patients in 4 European and Asian countries. Joint creation of a service-centred editorial strategy.


Pierre Fabre's Green Impact Index is the first score measuring the social and environmental impact of a pharmaceutical and skin care product. Through online communication and an instructive and educational pack, it offers patients or customers objective and intelligible information enabling them to understand and choose their medicine based on its manufacturing process and impact.

Key figures

. 1 index
. 1 group
. 1 roll-out on all the countries